Green Harbor MA Captains log

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Welcome aboard.  This site catalogs the adventures of my vessel as we explore the waters of Massachusetts Bay, outer Cape Cod, Stellwegan Bank and beyond.  Take a virtual tour of some of the best beaches, sandbars, harbors, fishing and marine wildlife New England has to offer.  Learn fishing tips and techniques that work well in these waters along with the species you can expect to find here.  Learn about the fishing gear we use, how we use it, when and why.   Enjoy one of our a whale watching videos , watch the harbor seals play in the surf or some stand-up bluefin tuna fishing footage.  There is also plenty of information about Lobster, Recreational lobster permits, lobster trap requirements, what to use for bait and how to cook them (steamed Lobster, boiled Lobster, bake lobster or the Captain’s famous New England Lobster Bisque).

Enjoy the site, respect the ocean, & love life (you only get one).

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