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Green Harbor Striper Fishing Report | Marshfield MA

by admin on June 13, 2011

Striper fishing in June is always a lot of fun. There are plenty of large fish around now. On some days out in front of Green Harbor the water is thick with tinker mackerel and in just a few minutes you can land enough bait for the entire day. This is exactly how this trip begins. With only 1 hour before the high tide we leave the dock in search of bait. First stop at Farnham rock produces a few Pollack and the sporadic mackerel so we move north about a mile and drop our Sabiki rigs under some birds working the water. For the next ten minutes we pull tinker mackerel over the rails non-stop. We took what we needed for the days fishing trip and headed north to set up for the high tide.

38 inch Striped Bass caught using live bait

Striper Fishing June 2011

Within a few minutes after setting up on the secret spot we have our first fish and before we decide to call it quits we landed at least 9 nice fish. The most active bite was 1/2 hour before and after the high tide. After that the activity was sporadic but consistent.

I’ve been using a Penn 975 baitcaster on a light uglystick for most of my live line bass fishing this season (this is my favorite light rod reel combination) instead of the heavier Shimano 6500 Baitrunners I usually use. Both reels are spun up with 40lb Powerpro and for this type of fishing I generally use a 4ft 30lb fluorocarbon leader to a circle hook.

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