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October Striped Bass Fishing Report – Green Harbor MA

by admin on October 6, 2011

The ocean can be unforgiving this time of year in the Northeast. October’s typical weather pattern makes it difficult to get out on the water. You have to pay close attention to the marine forecast and choose your days on the water carefully. If you are lucky enough to have the forecast on your side you should not have to go far to catch some really nice fish. Striped Bass and Bluefish are in close chasing mackerel and other small baitfish.

Last Saturday October 1st, wasn’t looking to be very a very promising day in the morning but by noon there was a nice window opportunity that lined up nicely with rising high tide. It took a little searching but we found some nice mackerel and after a few minutes we had what we needed for bait. I landed a very nice keeper (41” Striper) a few days earlier near the Burkes Beach jetties so we decided to start there but after a few drifts (and no hits) we relocated. We setup on spot number two about ½ before high tide and put the live mac’s back to work. In less than 30 seconds a big bluefish starts peeling line off my Shimano Baitrunner 6500. On that same drift I think we landed two or three more large bluefish and had a few breakoffs right beside the boat. We were using mono leaders with circle hooks hoping for striped bass not bluefish and even though the blues were biting we were fishing for striped bass. On our second drift my bait got hit right away (again) but this time it was a 39” Striped Bass (glad I didn’t switch to a steel leader) followed by more bluefish. On our third drift we landed another 37” Striper and or course more bluefish. With plenty of bait left but not enough time use them so we headed to the back to the slip. All of this fishing took place inside of two miles from shore along the Green harbor coast. The season isn’t over yet!!

October 2011 Striped Bass Fishing - Ed Mortell

October 2011 Striped Bass Fishing Green Harbor MA

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