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September Striped Bass Fishing Report – Green Harbor MA

by admin on October 6, 2011

There is nothing better than spending a few hours on the water in the morning. Ok maybe it’s a little better when you know you already have live bait waiting for you at your boat slip. That is how this morning began. I had a bait cage full of tinker macs from fishing around Farnham rock the night before so I filled up my livewell and off I went.

You just never know what kind of day you are going to have on the water and even though I left with high hopes unfortunately dogfish were everywhere. My first 10 mackerel got taken by dogfish. I relocated a bunch of times but couldn’t shake them. Running low on time I decided to head in but at the last minute I decided to try one last location. I set up on an anchor about 50 yards off of the bluefish cove site jetting in Green Harbor swimming live mackerel on Shimano baitrunner 6500 reels. I had a few good runs but didn’t hook up so for my last ditch effort I got off the anchor and bump trolled the macs into the channel, right up the middle between the jetties. This isn’t something you can normally do because of the boat traffic but it isn’t an issue on a Wed. morn late September. Just as I approached the no wake float in the channel mackerel got nailed by a striper. After a little boat maneuvering and some quick angling a boated a the keeper Stripe bass you see in the photo below. It pays to be persistant!

Green Harbor MA Striped Bass September 28, 2011

Green Harbor MA Striped Bass September 28, 2011

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