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Striped Bass Fishing Report | Marshfield, Duxbury & Scituate MA

by admin on June 2, 2011

Striped Bass fishing in and around Massachusetts Bay is really heating up. Many keepers have been caught in Duxbury Bay, off the coast of Marshfield and around the North River in Scituate. Keepers in the 40″ range are not uncommon this season if you are fishing live bait (Mackerel, Pollack…and others). If you can’t find live bait trolling a tube and worm setup on leadcore line is a good second choice. Keep your offering down low on a slow troll and tip the hook with a seaworm or clam for scent.

38 inch Striped Bass caught using live bait

Striped Bass Fishing 2011

I’ve landed several keepers (and lost a few too) this year in May and I’m hoping to hit the fishing hard in June if the weather cooperates. The will mackerel stay around a few more weeks if we are lucky and I intend of using them as live bait as often as possible until it isn’t an option.
Have you ever tried Striped Bass Ceviche? If you haven’t I’m here to tell you that you are missing out on some of the finest eating you could imagine. There are infinite amount of ways to prepare Ceviche. My personal recipe is below…

Striped Bass Ceviche
Mix thinly sliced or cubed striped bass, finely chopped onion, cilantro, & garlic in a bowl.
Cover with lime (or lemon) juice and let sit for two hours minimum (in the fridge)
The fish will be white when done.

Remove most of the liquid and add finely diced fresh tomato (some people add mango, cucumber…)

Serve on crackers, as a side dish without crackers…it is so good you will be able to think of a 1000 ways to use it.

Ceviche can be made with many kinds of fish and an endless about of ingredients. The interesting thing is that you are cooking the fish with the acidity of the lime/lemon not heat. The fish comes out incredibly delicious.

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Tmack July 19, 2012 at 11:41 am

7-18-12 Went off the ledges (Collamore, Cowens) and up through Minot last Sunday – no swell running so the ledge wash was weak. Was fishing big Gary Soldatti Pike lures along the ledges. Picked up 1 catch and release striper – 30inches. Bite has slowed a bit, but maybe with a better swell, there will be more feeding.

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