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Shark Week – Shark Fishing!

by admin on August 9, 2011

After being completely bombarded with shark footage all week it seemed only natural to go shark fishing. I prepared a chumsicle (a mix of pollack, mackerel, bluefish and menhaden oil and froze it solid in a 5 gallon bucket) and got some wire leaders ready for the day. We left Green Harbor at 5am and charted a course northeast. Our destination was roughly 6 miles behind the BE buoy. An east wind kept the seas sloppy for the hour and a half ride to the fishing grounds. We set up shop in 225ft of water, with our 35 pound chumsicle in the water the waiting game begins..

Just when the crew was beginning to think the sharks wouldn’t show up they did. We set up a Shimano 50TLD with a wire leader, pitched a blue shark a hook bait (mackerel) and strapped my nephew into a fighting harness – Game on. After several runs Mason has the upper hand and the shark is boat side for a photo op. The shark put up a decent fight but he is no match for our gear. After the photos the shark was released tired but unharmed. Everyone made it home with all their fingers and toes and we all left with a real appreciation for these awesome creatures while in thier natural habitat. It doesn’t get any better.

Mason Hauser Hooked up to a Blue Shark - August 2011

Mason Hauser stand up fight with a blue shark August 2011

Taylor Mortell Shark Fishing August 2011

Taylor Mortell shaking hands with a Blue Shark

Maddie and Kendra Shake hands with a blue shark

Maddie and Kendra Shake hands with a blue shark

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