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Stand-up Bluefin Tuna Fishing Checklist

by admin on September 22, 2011

Do you have what you need to go stand-up offshore fishing for big game fish? This big game stand-up fishing checklist might help you be better prepared.
Shimano TLD50 II LRSA 2-Speed Reel
• 600 Yards of Jerry Brown LINE ONE Hollow Core Braided Spectra
• 100 Yards of 80lb Mono
• 30-80lb 5’6” Aftco Roller straight butt Tuna Rod
• Braid Bluefin Series Fighting Harness
• Braid Fighting Belt
• 10’ Reel Safety Line
• Pure White PVC 12” Fishing Boots

If you have all these items and a boat that can get you to the fishing grounds you are ready to go. Of course you can go stand-up tuna fishing with less and still succeed but it can sure payoff to be prepared. You never know what your next tuna hookup will be like and with a smaller reel, less line, or even without the fighting harness you could lose the battle.

The Shimano TLD50 II LRSA 2-Speed series reels are a great choice for big game standup fighting. They are light weight and have enough drag to wear down big fish. Jerry Brown LINE ONE Hollow Core Braided Spectra line is by far the best line you could put on your big game reel it is super durable and sports a very small diameter (expensive stuff but worth it). I get 600 yards of 80lb Jerry Brown onto my Shimano 50TLD II series reels, far exceeding the manufacturers rating of 440yards, in addition to a 100 yard 80lb mono top shot. This is more than you would normally need with fish under 225lbs but what if you hook into a 350 or 450 pounder (be prepared!). I like a 30-80lb 5”6’ straight butt rod setup for standup, it’s a good match for the reel when you are fishing at 15-20lbs of drag at strike. The braid belt and harness setup will save you a lot of unnecessary pain and while I’ve caught fish without the belt/harness before I would not want to do it again. The 10’ reel safety line is to protect your investment in the rod and reel combo as well as the angler who is tethered to the reel if God forbid the fish pulls the angler out of the boat. The white boots are a story all by themselves, besides giving you an excellent hold on the deck let’s just say I didn’t catch my first tuna until I wore mine.

There you have it, everything you need to go standup tuna fishing and why you need it. Ok well not everything, you are still going to need a few lures, Squid Spreader bars, stick baits, live baits, hooks, fluorocarbon leader and maybe even a kite. All for another day….

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