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Fishing & Boating Gear and Accessories

All of the fishing and boating gear you see listed here I own, have owned or have first hand experience using. Like most who enjoy the water, I have accumulated a lot of gear over the course of time. Some of this stuff is essential and extremely useful, while some things either didn’t live up to my expectations or the test of time. 

Penn Fishing Reels:
Penn International 130
Penn International 80
Penn International 50
Penn International 30
Penn 340 / 345 GTI
Penn Senator 6/0 114
Penn Senator 4/0 113
Penn Squidder
Penn #209

Penn Accessories and Upgrades:
Elec-Tra-Mate XP Series
Accurate Parts for Penn Reels

Shimano Fishing Reels:
Shimano BaitRunner 6500b
Shimano TLD50 II LRSA

Taco Sport Outriggers 15 (1-1/8" base)
Taco Sports Slam Base (1-1/8" base)
Taco Sport Outriggers 18 (1-1/2" base)
Taco Grand Slam 250 (1-1/2" base)
Outrigger Rigging Kit

Canon Downrigger

Rod Holders:
Lee  Swivel Rod Holders

Fighting Belts:
Afco Fighting Belt
Afco Harness

Fishing Rods:
Light Tackle Rods
Stand up Tuna Rods
Bent Butt Tuna Rods

Harpoons and Gaffs:
Sea Striker Gaff (4’ long - 4” Hook)
Fly Gaff

Lobster Gear:
Lobster Traps 36L x 21W x 13½ H (1½" wire mesh)
Ace Line Hauler
MA Recreational Lobstering
Lobster Gauge
Lobster Bander
Lobster V-Notcher

Boating E lectronics:
Garman GPSMAP 360
Marine Radar
Marine Radar Dome
Marine DSC UHF Radio
Marine Stereo
Antennas and Mounting Hardware

Safety Gear:
USCG Required Safety Gear
USCG Approved Life Vests
Manual Inflatable PDF (Life Vests)
Auto-Inflatable PFD (Life Vests)
Throw (PDF) Cousin
Radar Deflector
High Water Alarm