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Exploring the waters of New England, fishing for Bluefin Tuna, Striped Bass, Cod, Haddock, Fluke, Flounder and other North Atlantic species. Recreational Lobstering & general boating and recreation in Massachusetts Bay and Beyond.


New England Lobster Bisque

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The Captain's New England Lobster Bisque Recipe

The recipe will capture the affection of any lobster lover. 

(produces 8 hearty bowls of bisque)


1 onion

¾ stick of butter

¾ cup of sherry

8 table spoons of flour

1 ½ pint of cream

12 cups of lobster stock

4 pounds of fresh lobster meat

1 can of condensed tomato soup


Boil enough lobsters to yield roughly 4 lbs of lobster meat.

(about eight 1 ¼ lb lobsters or six 1 ½ lbs lobsters)

Chop one onion into fine pieces

(do this while your lobsters are cooking )

Separate 12 cups of stock from the water you boiled the lobster in. 

(do this by pouring the stock through a fine strainer into a large pot)

 Tip: in advance determine the water level of 12 cups in the pot you plan to use.

Remove all of the Lobster meat from the boiled lobsters.

(Mostly the claws and tails)

Break up the lobster bodies and simmer them in the stock (12 cups).

 (the longer the better -1 hour minimum)

Place the chopped onion into a frying pan over low heat and cook slowly in butter.  Add sherry and flour in small amounts along the way until you have used all of each ingredient. 

Chop approximately 4 pounds of fresh lobster meat

(chop half very fine and half into decent sized chunks)

Remove the lobster bodies from the stock. Pour the stock through a fine strainer into another pot.

Tip: Rinse and use the original lobster pot and then pour the separated stock back in to the pot you used to make the stock.

Add the chopped lobster meat, 1 ½ pints of cream, 1 cup of condensed tomato soup and the contents of your frying pan (onion, sherry, butter flour) into the stock.  Cook slowly over a low flame being careful not to let it boil.  Cook for 1hr over low heat.  That’s all there is to it.  You’re done.  It is a lot of work but it is also worth the effort.  This bisque will leave a lasting impression on any lobster lover.

**Add a gourmet touch by serving your guests a ½ of a lobster tail (split down the center) in the bottom of each bowl.  Individually serve your quests by covering the lobster tail in your hearty New England Lobster Bisque.

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